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April 16th, 2013, 06:50 AM
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We did a little bit of both BLW and baby food with dd.

When we would go out for breakfast, we would give her some strips of toast to chew on. We gave her mashed potatoes, cheerios, baby puffs, the MumMum cookies, Eggos, pancakes, french fries, carrots (whole carrots, not mashed or cut up or anything), celery, and lots of other stuff to eat as snacks or meals. If we didn't have anything we made that she would eat (say, wings and fries) then we would give her baby food to make sure she got enough.

We offer apple juice (1/4 juice, 3/4 water) as recommended by our dr to help with constipation.

She has never choked on any food we've given her, and we plan to let Tucker eat exactly the same way
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