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April 16th, 2013, 09:27 AM
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The house itself? I hate the color of the walls and the darn carpet. I wake up every morning cursing my MIL cause the first thing I see is the ugly paint on the walls and then my feet touch this horrible carpet. I was in North Carolina when the husband bought our house and replaced the carpet and repainted and such, his mother is a realtor (a really crappy one) and she was helping clean the house and paint and stuff. Hubs and I looked over carpet and paint samples and I chose and we agreed on what color the walls were and what color and type of carpet. She was the one who went and ordered the carpet and the paint... instead of doing what we wanted, she did was she wanted because it would "re-sell" better in the future. SERIOUSLY? Even me being super clean freak, we will still have to repaint and re-floor when we sell, not to mention I wanted to put hardwood in anyways! I honestly have a festering rage when it comes to that woman.

Otherwise, it irks the CRAP out of me that the hubs puts his dirty hat and other things he carries around on the bar. It's one of the first things you see when you come into the house and I have some succulents and an Elvis pendulum clock arrange across the bar. He puts the mess there, I move it... he doesn't even use it but moves it back! I about pull my hair out because I'm seriously moving a hat, sunglasses, and one or two random items three or four times a day.
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