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April 16th, 2013, 10:57 AM
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We just started renting this house at the beginning of the month and, while it's a 3 bedroom, it's not exactly a big house. I think the most irritating thing is the bathroom. It's pretty narrow and being a big woman to begin with is bad enough, but now with my belly really starting to push out, it's getting harder to move in there. Also, the door to the deck is off the kitchen, and some genius put in an extra piece of counter. There's barely enough room for me to get between two pieces of counter to the door with my belly.

Otherwise, now that the SO is working and I'm not...he's not doing a freaking thing around the house. I understand, believe me. But sometimes I'd really like help with moving stuff around since there are still boxes and totes that need put away. He also refuses to put anything in the very nice attic for some stupid reason. UGH! Just because we've got three bedrooms with closet space does NOT mean the closets have to be full to the brim with crap we don't need until next winter!

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