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April 16th, 2013, 01:17 PM
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First - labor started at 7 a.m. Back ache every 20 minutes. Pushed for nearly 2 hours. Delivered at 9:51 at night.

Second - I have no idea. Went for a doctor appointment before work. When they checked me I was 7 cm dialated. I "thought" I was not in labor. Was sent to L&D so they could break my water. Doc did not want me going him that far along. Walked to L&D (which is in the complex with Dr. Office). Got situated in and "discovered" I was contracting. Not very painful at all. They wanted to break my water. I said - not until I get an epidural. Person came in for epidural. Someone then broke my wanter. Nurse came in again to now start pit. Turned on IV. She looked and wow. I was fully dialated. Just needed to call the doc. Delivery at 2:35.

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