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April 16th, 2013, 03:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Jules_loves_beaches View Post
We still love Ember, but I feel bad when I have to correct people...
"Oh what is her name."
"Its Ember."
"Oh Amber, you are a cutie."
"No, its Ember with an E."

I do that a lot! I knew we would have to correct people so I REALLY try to emphasize the E. LOL
We have a similar issue. "It's Vivienne" ohhh "Vivian" no "Vivi-EHN". It's hard for people to hear the difference but it drives me nuts!

Sometimes I feel bad that I gave her a name that she is going to have to forever correct people about, but she is just such a Vivi and I think it's the cutest little nickname. Sometimes I think about different names and have even tried calling her other names on our list and they never sound right. I do think for a second I'd like to at least try and wait till we meet him or her to name him or her. I sometimes wonder if we had done that if we would have gone with a different name, but I still don't think so.

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