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April 16th, 2013, 04:31 PM
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Originally Posted by LilHerndon View Post
Show us your bare feet!

Show us your favorite spot in the house.
I showed you my dining room in a post above.

Here's one bare foot...on the other one my paint is chipped so you're not getting that one!

Originally Posted by topato View Post
first- WHERE DID U GET THAT TUX ONESIE!?! omg sooooo cute, my lo needs one x12
second- i was bummed out because earlier this week, i broke a strap on (and had to throw out) a pair of sketchers foam wedge sandals id had since high school. ...i see the exact pair in your collection! bottom middle lmao
I got it at my baby shower from my mom. I think she got it at Bealls Outlet. Isn't it sweet? I'm so sad he only wore it once or twice!

LOL! I rarely wear those ones. I'm tall to begin with and those make me about the same height as DH. What size do you wear?

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