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April 16th, 2013, 06:28 PM
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Sorry for not updating earlier but I was extremely frustrated. First off, I live in a very small community in northern Canada. We do not have access to specialized doctors etc only a GP. So I went in when I started bleeding and he basically told me there was nothing to do and that he was going on vacation so when he gets back in a month's time I will either be pregnant or not!!!! Imagine!!!!!!! I almost jumped on him..... I was so angry. Last week I practically had to beg him to test my progesterone levels.... I ended up lying to him and told him that it was something that the fertility specialist that I saw 6 months ago had recommended so he finally agreed to do it.

Well Friday morning they tested my HCG which confirmed I am/did miscarry this baby. I finally got the results of my progesterone test nearly a week after my bloodwork was done and it confirmed a level of 8. So now here I sit wondering if a simple progesterone supplement would have been enough to save my baby. I am completely numb. DH is extremely frustrated.

I will continue to stick around these boards in the hopes of getting a BFP quickly. I am going to call the fertility specialist tomorrow to see if she will prescribe me the progesterone supplements so I can be ready the next time we get a BFP!

Thanks for letting me vent.

Thank you .:Shortcake:. You're the best.
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