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April 16th, 2013, 07:33 PM
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Stop. Breathe. Ugh....

I can't believe it's only Tuesday. This week is so busy -- subbing three days, trying to plan the garden and get ready for company. Plus bringing home new baby chicks. Plus being bombarded with after school days that I wasn't planning on. I just feel like there's no time for anything.

I'm supposed to O this week, but what's the point when I know DH & I will be lucky to BD once... Plus my whole struggle with urine concentration, I'm just going to have to find a way to test at school, but ew. There are teenagers there and they should not be exposed to OPK's at this stage in their lives!!!

I did yoga yesterday, did not walk today (we bought chicks instead...) but will try to do something physical before bed.

I haven't been sleeping well, and I don't know why.

SO MUCH NEGATIVITY!!!! Yikes. Someone slap me! Ok. Here are three positive things that have happened this week/last weekend: 1) I'm so proud of myself for drinking so much water! I hope I can keep it up! 2) Our new chicks are precious! (See FB later for pics...) 3) I got to sub for the pre-schoolers on Monday. They were cute and cuddly and it made for a fun day!

Whew. Now off to clean the kitchen and get my lunch ready for tomorrow -- an amazing crunch asian cabbage salad (I'll share the recipe when I find time to breathe!)
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