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April 16th, 2013, 09:55 PM
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Thanks ladies. 27 is the highest it's ever been.. prior to that it seemed to be 11-13 was my upper range.

It's only been a week... but in the last week I've lost 5lbs, my engagement ring fits again, and noticed my summer Capri's needed to be tied tighter. I've been away all weekend visiting DH and his family in Illinois so who knows what will happen when I start eating non take out meals again

Dr told me 8-12 weeks to see it start to regulate.. if the dose is high enough. I just hope my spring allergies don't make me extra lazy. I'm about ready to curl up and just wait for winter again with the way I feel.... everyone and their goat was mowing lawns down there this weekend... and I don't have allergy meds right now.
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