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April 16th, 2013, 10:05 PM
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Sorry this is so late, we spent most of today out and about.

1. Margaret is named after DH's grandmother, who passed away last year, about a month before I got pregnant.
2. Her favorite song (so far) is the Itsy Bitsy Spider. She gets the biggest smile every time I sing it.
3. She's such a people baby, she loves to be talked to and cries if you stop.
4. She's a daddy's girl. He's the only one who can calm her down most days.
5. She loves playing in water, and screams when her bath is over. (We're going to take swim lessons this summer)
6. If you turn on her mobile, she'll lay there and just stare at it for 2-3 minutes before falling asleep.
7. She has strawberry-blonde hair, which is odd because DH and I both have brown hair.
8. She likes to watch Diesel (our dog) when he moves around
9. She has mastered side rolling, so if the tv is on, she will roll on her side to watch it.
10. If she's tired and wants to go to sleep, she'll suck her thumb and use her other hand to cover her eyes as a way of letting me know.
11. Before she was born, DH used to shake my stomach and say "Earthquake!" and now there are times when laying her down and shaking her gently while saying "Earthquake" is the only thing that calms her down.
12. Most of the time she is very happy
13. She has mastered the art of crying while smiling, especially when she wants something.
14. She is formula fed, due to supply issues.
15. She has not found her feet, for all she knows, she's got stubs....
16. She loves to suck on her two middle fingers, so she looks like Spider-man
17. She snores sometimes
18. When she is sucking on her fingers, she is LOUD.
19. Her middle name is Jade
20. She has blue eyes

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