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April 17th, 2013, 07:17 AM
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... or 3 birds?

Yesterday, after a trip to the dentist, we took a field trip to a bowling alley. Ben has been earning scout belt loops & pins for the past couple of weeks since he joined scouts. He's also in a bowling league on Saturday mornings, but he'll be doing a scout thing on Sat., so he needed to pre-bowl his game this week. We got to go behind the scenes to watch the pin resetting machine (VERY LOUD!!!), got to take home a couple of beat up pins, went to the pro shop to watch them drill a new hole in a ball, hand-scored a game (math and handwriting, right? ), watched a league of 60+ y/o's play, and all that. It was great!

Any field trips for you lately? We're getting a wee bit behind with school work, but he's been earning lots of stuff for scouts, so it's fine.
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