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April 17th, 2013, 07:52 AM
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Do you have anyone a little nutty in your family? Maybe a bit eccentric? How do your children respond to them?

I have this one uncle who is really strange. He can be super rude, but I don't think he means to be, and he's really messy. He brings a briefcase with him everywhere he goes and his house is FILTHY (like 2 inches of dust stacked on his TV and remote). His couch is a bunch of cushions stacked and covered in a sheet. He has two lumpy cats that don't like people and his house is covered in cat hair. You can't go in his bathroom because it's covered in some dusty yellow film that I think might be evaporated urine... In his closet he keeps a boy of toy eyeballs, and he has bowls of cat food and water everywhere. He never changes the cats litter box so the only time it gets changed is when he goes on vacation or a business trip and the cat sitter changes it. (I was said cat sitter once... totally gross). He also appears to have 3 of everything. Three computer monitors that are not hooked up to anything. three each of various star wars figurines on display. 3 of those "balancing birds" (THESE THINGS). My kids have never had the pleasure of meeting him, though.
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