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April 17th, 2013, 09:25 AM
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Originally Posted by MammaWannaBe View Post
We have a similar issue. "It's Vivienne" ohhh "Vivian" no "Vivi-EHN". It's hard for people to hear the difference but it drives me nuts!

Sometimes I feel bad that I gave her a name that she is going to have to forever correct people about, but she is just such a Vivi and I think it's the cutest little nickname. Sometimes I think about different names and have even tried calling her other names on our list and they never sound right. I do think for a second I'd like to at least try and wait till we meet him or her to name him or her. I sometimes wonder if we had done that if we would have gone with a different name, but I still don't think so.
We were going to wait until we met Ember to see which name on our list fit the best, but we just fell in love with Ember and all the nicknames we could use. Plus, I wanted to get some monogrammed stuff for her nursery and clothes so I didnt want to wait. LOL.

Even though we chose names that our LOs may have to correct people with, they are unique and I think they fit the babies. I haven't met Vivi in person, but she sure seems like a Vivienne. Plus, I have a feeling she is going to go by Vivi or Viv. That is what is great about the name you chose, its beautiful in its own right, but has super cute shorter versions as well

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