Topic: Any IBCLCers?
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April 17th, 2013, 10:28 AM
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I see it as worth it. It doesn't cost that much as far as degrees or certificates go and a starting salary of 50k a year is pretty nice to me! I pretty much had most of my pre reqs done since I did general ed classes in high school, and then I went through the lab tech program which got me most of my health sciences degree (just one more math class!) and since I work in a hospital all those little continuing education classes are knocked out and done with. So when I finish bio and human anatomy and physiology I can enroll in summer, start in September, finish in June and Test by July. Easy Peasy. And since I am in the military the post 9 11 bill will pay for my school and living expenses so I can go full time. It's a pretty sweet deal all around. Go for it if you can! The certificate program at UCSD is only 3 grand or something so.

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