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April 17th, 2013, 11:54 AM
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I think my mom is definitely the strange one of the family. She is very paranoid... she calls about once a week and tells me about how the police are watching her. In reality, the police chief lives down the street and drives by her house in the morning on the way to the station. (She's also in a town of about 1200 people... so it's not like the cops on patrol have too many streets to drive down.)

She is an obsessive shopper. She owns things that are still new in the box, and the last time I was there, she had two rooms full of stuff, new stuff, old stuff, just random junk. We watch Hoarders and I always tell Zach to brace himself, because if something happens to her and we have to go clean out her house, that is exactly what it will look like.

She also had stomach surgery a little over a year ago, where they essentially removed her entire stomach. So she likes to bring up subjects that aren't pleasant to talk about, like what foods make her sick, give her diarrhea, etc. even with people she doesn't know. And she's a master guilt-tripper. She never just says something positive, it is always accompanied by something negative.

The boys don't seem to mind her much yet. We only talk to her about once a week, and she's usually pretty good about keeping the negative stuff to herself while she's talking to the kids.

Before her, I guess it was my great-grandma Belle. She owned a store in a town of 50 people, and as a result of living through the Depression, she held onto EVERYTHING. She would wash paper plates and hang them out to dry, and everything in her store was usually at least 3 months expired. Plus her house was so full of pictures... she had 13 children and over 100 great-grandchildren (her son - my grandpa - had 10 children, and his siblings all had at least 4 kids)

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