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April 17th, 2013, 02:33 PM
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Compared to some of these folks...nope!

But I do have this one uncle who is intensely strange. He has lots of OCD tendencies but doesn't think he has a problem, so doesn't take meds for it. He wipes squares of dirt off his car by hand, so his whole car looks like a checkerboard pattern of clean and dirty places. He lines all of his jewelry, watches, sunglasses, body care items on fresh tissues ten times a day. (One time, when me and my bro were teenagers and he was staying with us, we tortured him by messing up all of his neatly aligned items and removing the tissue multiple times a day. It was so funny...but clearly mean given his issues). He practices backing out of his own driveway, many times a week. He never touches raw food, including things like raw carrots or fruit (he will eat them with a fork, but not touch them with his hands...but his hands aren't the clean, so I dunno what it's about). BUT...he is an engineer with NASA and I guess all that eccentricity is related to his intelligence.

My older boy only met him once and didnt really respond, since he was too young to realize the oddities of his behavior. He isn't a super-friendly guy, so I doubt the boys will have much real interaction with him. He also lives in New Mexico, so not exactly close either. We will see him again next year for my granddads 80th birthday and we will see if Liam notice his patterns. But it's not obvious stuff to a kid, so I don't think they will care. I am sure it will just be "another family member" to them.
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