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April 17th, 2013, 03:21 PM
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I know I don't post a lot in here, I feel like I hardly ever have five minutes to check in... HOWEVER

I work in an office specifically aimed at helping children who have been through traumatic expriences... and I can not BELIEVE how judgmental and uneducated some of the people here are about stuff like how old people "should" be when they have kids, breastfeeding (moms being uptight (!!) about not giving formula or not wanting to introduce a bottle early) and how long a mom "should" breastfeed....

I mean, I am all for people making their own decisions about what is right or wrong for them and their family, but people in my office will make fun of moms for breastfeeding or for breastfeeding a two year old, "once they are old enough to ask for it, they are too old to be breastfeeding," nursing more than one baby at a time, pumping at work, needing time off to take care of a sick kid or something...

PEOPLE hellooooooo this is an office that is all about protecting children and educating parents... FINE! You don't want to breastfeed two kids at once, or you got tired of doing it after a year or never did it at all for whatever reason... or you had kids at whatever age you think was the perfect age... but me, as a breastfeeding-a-14-month-old-don't-intend-to-stop-til-he-wants-to mom, regardless of whether another kid comes along before he is done, and yes maybe I need to take off a day or two here and there (rarely) when his daycare won't take him... I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR YOUR JOKES/RIDICULES of a mom who declined a gift from her mother (my coworker) of formula and bottles... I also do not want to hear you talk crap about your sister who is 40 and wants to have another baby because she is "too old." Tell me what is the right age these days? I hear that 20-somtehing is too young, and now 40-something is too old... that gives you your 30s only?? That is crap!

I just can't believe that I work in an office for protecting child victims, and I hear people saying this crap all day long. I always just get up and walk away... I thought it was just me, but other people have been complaining to me about it and I'm wondering when I am going to snap and complain about it.

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