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April 17th, 2013, 06:36 PM
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OK -- here is my history. I had fertility for both of my previous boys, did the gastric sleeve in July 2012, ended up preggo in November (found out while waiting for hysterectomy - operating room had emergency so I got pushed back time wise - but still scheduled for that day) Had gestational diabetes with both pregnancies, but it stayed with my last who will be turning 6 in may. Since the sleeve, I have been off of all medications and sugars have been completely under control. Started testing sugars again 4 times per day to be safe and they had been doing great. SOOOO I slacked off and got out of the habit. Eating has not been the best with this pregnancy bc I have had cravings but I still only eat small amounts at a time. Well dr. wanted to check my A1C level (average over last 3 months) and skip the glucose test bc of history. Got the call today and she wrote PERFECT for my tests. PHEW!!!!! I was freaking out and feeling guilty bc I know how important it is to maintain control of my sugars, just gave in for selfish reasons. I am back to watching closely now and realizing that bc of the sleeve, my medical status of diabetes had reversed itself and is being maintained. Thank goodness. Just had to tell someone.

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