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April 17th, 2013, 08:14 PM
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So today I finally went to a "meet up" with a local mommy play group I found on at a local park and it went awesome! At first I was nervous because I was one of the younger moms and had the youngest child but then someone should up with an infant, another pregnant, so I realized I wasn't alone. All the moms were super nice and I really hit it off with two of the moms. It felt good to get out of the house and hang with people who don't mind some spit up or getting constantly interrupted by kids. I love my girlfriends but none of them have kids and they work full time so if we do manage to go to lunch it's a hard balancing act. I really wanted to meet other moms in a similar position to myself and have Vivi hang out with kids but mommy and me classes are just too dang expensive for us! I feel like this is the perfect middle ground because there's a slew of events you can RSVP too, mommys only night outs, and best of all it's less than 15$ a year in dues.

Just wanted to pass the website along in case it could help any other mommy struggling with this new SAHM role like I have or just mommies that need to get out of the house with other mothers! The day flew because of it and I could see it helping with my PPD as well to just get out and be open an honest with other moms. Could be a support group there.

Anyway I'm just glad I went because I am nervous in new places with unfamiliar faces but I'm definitely glad I went!

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