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April 18th, 2013, 08:10 AM
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I agree! Thank you so much for the support ladies I have on occasion said "I do that," or put in my opinion about whatever they are talking about, but if there is more than one of them, they will like listen for a second, and then go about their conversation when I get up and leave or something. It's not like they are just chatting in their office, they are usually talking in the lunch room. One time this med student was talking about how annoying it is when people in her class have babies because they will use the lounge to pump or sometimes they will "get out of things" because they don't have an on call babysitter when an emergency comes up. SORRY but I bet those people would love to not have to worry about who was taking care of their child, it's not like they are slacking or getting out of something by staying home with their baby, that is HARD WORK and they know that other people might be pissy about them not being able to always come running. Also, if you are so annoyed that a mom needs to pump in the only lounge that is available, then maybe you should join advocacy efforts for the implementation of a comfortable nursing area in all public facilities!!! I do work in an office with ALL women, the only man we had left a few months ago... we are hiring for several positions, and I keep praying a man will bring some testosterone around here and lower the drama SHEESH

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