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April 18th, 2013, 08:21 AM
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Hey ladies, I found this channel on Comcast's list called Baby First (im not sure if any other providers have it but its channel 125 for us) and it is basically a bunch of baby oriented colorful mini shows with lots of sounds and songs. It has become very handy to my daily schedule because when I need to get something done and I need Joshua to be entertained for a few while I help the kids with homework, or do some dishes, I turn it on and he loves it. I mean he smiles and the tv, and kicks and punches in response to the show. He loves it! His favorite show on there is this white unicorn that goes around to an all white picture and makes everything rainbow and swirly! Its sounds a bit crazy, but if you see it you will know what I mean

I know a lot of you other mama's are balancing multiple children and housework so I just figured id pass on the tip. Plus, according to the commercials on there, its supposed to be really good for stimulating their minds.

Check it out! Channel 125 for Comcast/ xfinity users

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