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April 18th, 2013, 09:00 AM
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Originally Posted by Memi View Post
To dress them alike on a daily basis is really odd to me. I do not plan to dress my boys in matching outfits ever. The only thing I could see is coordinating their outfits for special occasions (like pictures or Easter), but please notice I said coordinating outfits, not matching. I still don't think for those special occasions I would put them in exact matching outfits. I'm with you, I like the individuality, and even tho they are close in age they aren't the same age so I'd imagine finding the same clothing for the two sizes wouldn't be the easiest task anyways.
This! I think for special occasions, matching or coordinating outfits is no big deal (coordinating outfits are way cuter than simply matching them though). This is what Gabe's gonna wear when we bring home Sam (or a little shorts/shirt outfit with a whale on it that's no longer on the Carter's website for some reason) and this is what Sam's gonna wear (or this one with the whale).

My BIL and his wife dress the triplets identically every single day. I find it totally creepy. I don't think it would weird me out if they bought the same outfit in different colors for each of them, but they dress them in the same exact outfit, every single day...

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