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April 18th, 2013, 03:38 PM
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So, while living in Pittsburgh I was seeing a group of midwives whom I loved. Very interested in my personal well being, asked me a lot of questions, etc. I felt very comfortable with them and was very excited at the idea of having a midwife versus a doctor and knowing that one of the midwives I had seen would deliver my baby.

Now that we've moved, I had 2 options for an OB. I chose a practice of one NP and four OB's. No one in this town has a very good reputation, but the nearest alternatives are at least an hour away. The NP doesn't do deliveries, she just sees patients until they are 36 weeks, then the patient starts on a rotation of whatever doc is in the office is who you see. Which means I may not even get to meet the OB that will deliver this baby. I don't like that at all.

Also, I'm going for a tour of the maternity center at the hospital next week, but reading their information online is disheartening as well. There is a delivery room, a recovery room, and then the room that you stay in until you go home. Also, it specifically says that after the delivery, the baby is taken to the nursery for bathing and then brought back to the mother when she's ready. I'm hoping I am able to make a change to this, as I don't want the baby taken from me, especially not immediately, as long as we're both okay. I'm working on fine tuning a birth plan, but I'm afraid that maybe they won't see the need to honor it, or won't be willing to be flexible. My SO knows what I want and will have a copy of the birth plan as will my mother. Both are prepared to battle for me if I need them to, but I'd rather not have to do that.

I've also decided that if I meet all of the OB's in the practice and dislike them all or they seem unwilling to work with my birth plan, I'll drive to my hometown about an hour away to deliver. My mom and SO know this and are supportive. I know most of the OB's that deliver there and spent my maternity/OB rotation at that hospital as well has being there to visit a few friends that had babies there. You are admitted to one room and that is the room you stay in. You labor, deliver, and recover there. They have it set up so there is a warmer in every room and all of the monitoring equipment that could be needed. You only leave that room if you need a c-section.

I guess my biggest concern is I really want to feel heard and empowered by the whole thing. Actually giving birth hasn't scared me at all - it's all the crap surrounding it. I don't want someone else to ruin it for me. I understand that things change and even though right now I don't want meds, I might then. But that will be MY choice. I don't want to have to change the way I want to do things because someone is simply unwilling to help me do them that way.

Any advice? Any experiences to share? I know it's really a wait and see sort of thing, but I could use some positive words of encouragement.

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