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April 18th, 2013, 03:50 PM
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Hi, my name is Lauren. I am new to this board. I had a cesection with my first pregnancy. I labored all day and than pushed for two hours. My daughter just wasnt coming down so they did a csection. Afterwards I was told my daughter was a little crooked is why she didnt come down. Have any of you had a similar experience were you labored and pushed but still had a csection? Also if so have you had a successful vbac afterwards? What were your doctors thoughts about trying for a vbac. I switched doctors because my previous doctor wont perform vbacs but my new doctor doesnt feel like i am a good canidate bc i got to the pushing stage and still didnt have a vaginal delivery. However I feel like they dont know the whole story. They also told me that if my daughter wasnt coming down straight they would have me change positions and try to get my daughter to move but my previous doctor didnt really do that.
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