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April 18th, 2013, 06:36 PM
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...and about 50% effaced, she guesses. She said baby's head is still kind of high, so in order for any mild contractions to start doing anything, his head will need to come down. I'm thinking squats are in order! LOL C'mon baby, I'm ready for ya!

On a side note...I passed gas on the exam table...whoops lol! My doc was nonchalant about it though and was like "No big deal, it's just a part of pregnancy" that made it not too embarrassing. Hehe.

Tomorrow we get another detailed ultrasound of Kody's kidneys. Hope things are looking good with him.

Update: Kidneys are stable, still dilated but not any more than they were two weeks ago. So that's good news! Everything else looks good, Kody was practicing breathing, and his amniotic fluid levels were good.
Only thing was he flipped so he's sunny-side-up right now! I hope he turns back soon. Don't want back labor!

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