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April 18th, 2013, 06:44 PM
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I am the same way, and I also have panic disorder. Winter is a very hard time of year for me, and with all the craziness in the world, things got pretty out of hand for me as well. January was particularly bad.

I would say that it isn't normal because it is really affecting your quality of life, but normal in the sense that it happens.

I get really anxious and obsessive about mine and my kid;s health around PMS time. It may sound weird, but that is when it hits me the hardest. Most of the month I can push it out of my head when the thoughts come, but then around a week before my period, like clockwork, I start worrying.

I went to my doctor in January because I was a basket case. She suggested anti-depressants. I refused, but asked her to give me a full blood work up. Some of the things she tested me for were scary (and only tested to give me piece of mind). Cancer is my biggest fear, so she tested for blood and bone cancers. She also checked my hormones, thyroid, and iron. At the time my bones were really achy and hurting. I was in pain all the time, so she checked for arthritis.

They all came back, and the only test that came out wonky was my iron levels. My iron was very low, and I was anemic. (mine was at 30, and normal is 70). I went on iron pills, and I found that my mood changed, my hair stopped falling out, I had more energy, my anxiety was lower, pms wasn't as hard on me, I was less tired.

I would definitely get a blood work up. Worrying, I think, is a normal part of parenthood, but it should never mess with your quality of life.

oh anxiety got really bad after my first, and then after a bit they leveled out. The I had my twins, and it went chaotic after them.
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