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April 19th, 2013, 07:52 AM
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Hi ladies! I've been lurking a lot lately but have a question of my own now. Annabella is 3 months old today and has been an excellent sleeper...she would sleep from 8-10pm until 7-8am for the past week and a half I'd say. Before that she would wake up once during the night to eat usually around 4am. Well on Tuesday I started her on 5oz of formula during the day before that she was getting 4oz and then just 5oz at her last bottle for the night. Well I noticed she was gulping the 4 oz down and still acting hungry plus would eat every 2.5 hrs instead of her normal 3. She has been doing great on the 5oz and she gets that all the time including her last bottle for night. However past 2 nights she's went back to her old way of waking up 3-4am to eat again. (I should say I formula feed too wasn't able to breastfeeding like I wanted due to her being a preemie) I don't get why she is doing this. Also past couple days she has been sleeping a lot more during the day and is wanting to eat every 3.5-4 hours during day instead of her normal 3. Could this be a growth spurt? Only reason I'm confused is because I thought if she was having one she would want to eat more frequent during the day not less but then again she is sleepin Through it which could mean she is growing and the waking up at night is because she is so hungry due to growing? I also am taking into consideration I bumped her up an ounce 2 days ago. Maybe I should bump her to 6oz at bottle before bed?? Like I did when she had 4oz during day and 5oz at bedtime bottle? What do u ladies think? She's my first so it's all a learning experience for me. I just hate this sleep regression bc it takes me so long to fall back asleep and I don't want to be sleep deprived again. I'm hoping its temporary and I read a growth spurt does occur around 3m. Anyone going through anything similar?

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