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April 19th, 2013, 10:42 AM
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The good news is that it isn't strep. The bad news is that poor max came home from daycare all stuffed up and cranky. Whatever this is we must have been exposed the same time. Poor baby had only been healthy for a few days. So today is my day off so we're both napping the day away.

Originally Posted by SaraSmiles View Post
Once the baby hits 3 months, I wouldn't go too crazy anyway. Getting little colds now isn't too bad, if you shelter him from everything, his immune system will suffer when he is older.
He's a daycare baby, so hes not being sheltered from anything! The ped said to expect around 10 colds in the first year being at daycare.

Originally Posted by A.Sue8 View Post
P.S. I hope you make it to the doctors, I know there is some crazy weather coming your way, I've seen all the flood pics from back home on the Chicago side of Lake Michigan.
It's really bad here!! Random roads shut down and the river is about to crests at 24 feet with only 20 ft flood walls. We're up on a hill about 1.5 miles from the river, so we're ok.

Dh got sent home from work because they had no water or sewer. The city is asking people to not shower or flush toilets!

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