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April 19th, 2013, 11:39 AM
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So my appointment went well. I got to ask a lot of questions.

The doctor said because I am borderline on thyroid issues now, when I am pregnant she would like to treat my hypothyroidism. She said pregnancy can stress the thyroid and hypothyroidism can cause the fetus's brain to not develop as well (lower IQ, possible mental retardation, etc.).

My hematologist had sent her a very nice letter outlining my diagnosis of a clotting disorder and treatment plan. My ob-gyn says she plans on working with him throughout any pregnancies I have so they can both treat properly. I will be sent to the perinatalogist (sp?) and possibly a geneticist. My pregnancies will be monitored more closely to watch for fetal growth (if growth slows, it can be a sign of clots in the placenta). She will work with the hematologist and perinatalogist to determine a time to switch me from Lovenox to Heparin in 3rd trimester. Heparin doesn't last as long in my system, making delivery or C section easier to plan. I also cannot get an epidural while on blood thinners, so hopefully birth can go smoothly so they can reverse the Heparin and allow me to get an epidural. I am very very much PRO epidural. I've had kidney stones and gallstones, a broken ankle, blood clot, surgeries, etc....I don't want to experience any more pain than I have to lol. She said they will most likely want to induce me by 38 weeks, so they can control the timing for my blood thinners and complications.

She says I am on track with charting already. She told us not to stress out over conceiving, keep things fun. No stressing over we didn't BD yesterday so we need to schedule a time to BD today lol.

She really gave me a lot more information on the hospital her office is out of, which she is primarily affiliated with. She gave me the rundown on why she wants her high risk patients here compared to other hospitals she is affiliated with. She just spent the time and I felt like she was genuine about everything.

She said if I am not pregnant in 6 months, she would like to see me back. I have bloodwork orders to check where my thyroid function is and also for cystic fibrosis to see if I am a carrier.

DH was pretty funny during the visit. The medical assistant showed him the room and told him to have a seat while she got my weight. We came in and he was sitting on the exam table. The medical assistant said that's fine, but warn the doctor before a pap smear. As the medical assistant was typing into the computer to update my information, she turns to DH and said "you must be Paul." Without skipping a beat, DH said "". He really got the assistant nervous until we started laughing. DH's only questions was how does he keep his "supply" up if we have to DO IT every day. DO IT? Are we teenagers?!

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