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April 19th, 2013, 03:27 PM
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So, I have this friend who I think wants a healthy natural pregnancy and delivery, but she's clearly a bit uneducated about it, and so is her mom, so they end up saying things that are offensive to me. Maybe I'm just being pregnancy hormonal.

For example, when she posted she was 39 weeks or something, I said, "Any day now" ya know, by means of encouragement. And she says "Well, we don't want the baby to come before due date." I didn't ask why she felt that way, but I did say, "I hope he doesn't, then! but at least you know that he will come when he's ready now and will be a healthy gestation no matter what." and I told her about how when the lungs mature it releases a protein in our bodies that sends us into labor--that's how our body knows our baby is "fully cooked" and that's why going into labor naturally at 37 weeks is usually fine, the closer to 40 weeks being the better, of course.

anyway, so she hits her due date, and now every day she is posting that she hopes he will come soon. Naturally. But I just don't understand why she DIDN'T want him to come at 39 weeks and 6 days, but at 40 weeks, she wants him to come. I feel like if she understood how our bodies and labor and the baby's development all work together, she'd be fine with him coming ANYTIME that he is ready, whether that's at 38 weeks or 42 weeks or whatever. Mind you, maybe I am grouchy because my babies were all born at 35-37 weeks (in perfect health) but it made me feel like they think it's a BAD thing if your baby comes before exactly 40 weeks.

But none of that really bothered me until recently they were talking about ways to naturally induce labor, such as going for walks (which is great!) and I said she might also want to try evening primrose oil. I explained it doesn't induce labor but it will get her cervix ready to labor and help her cervix respond better to contractions.

Her mom's response?

"I think she should listen to her Mom and Aunt, we don't want her to take anything, especially oil tablets, we don't want the baby to shoot across the room, just come naturally!! O.K.???"

That just bugged me. Like mamas who use EPO aren't having their baby's naturally? I think she just doesn't know what she is talking about and is maybe confusing EPO with Castor Oil. Keep in mind, this friend "had" to be MEDICALLY INDUCED with her last baby. I would think EPO to help prepare cervix in order to help prevent your doctor suggesting/pressuring you into a pitocin induction wouldn't be the worst idea in the world. Maybe I'm just preggo hormonal but it felt like there were being all high and mighty about what natural is, when IMO they clearly don't know what they are talking about. I'm not saying every mama should use EPO, but using EPO doesn't mean you aren't having baby naturally or that baby is going to "shoot across the room". And "we don't want her taking anything, ESPECIALLY oil tablets" makes it sound like they think EPO is the equivalent of an epidural or crack-cocaine or something, which is really just IMO offensive toward people who do use those COMPLETELY NATURAL options to help prepare their bodies.

sorry to vent, but I thought maybe you ladies would understand.
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