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April 19th, 2013, 04:53 PM
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Yeah, that's hard. Sometimes I find the need to hide that sort of stuff. When you have spent so much time studying and putting energy into something, it's hard not to share your knowledge. But, I guess to put this delicately, even the best advice can come unwarranted. Sometimes a better way of introducing the topic is saying things like, "Let me know if you'd like to know some of my thoughts, I've read a lot about this topic" or "I have some great ideas and would love to share them if you are interested" or "There are a lot of studies that mention some great ways to ready your self for labor, PM me if you are interested!" That way the level of conversation and everything is lead by the other person and you can meet them at their comfort level. Also in private, away from prying eyes of family members who always think they know more than all of the doctors combined in the world.

And it's ok to be emotional about this. This is a topic that obviously means a lot for you. It is personal for you, especially right now. Especially if you care a lot for your friend and want good things for them. Here is a great article to read though... I think it's great for us natural birthers to read:
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