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April 19th, 2013, 09:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Memi View Post
IMO you tried and that's all you can do. Some people just don't want to gain any information so just let them be. If anything I may send her a PM and just explain how EPO works or link her to an article on it and let it be. But yea I think that would rub me the wrong way as well.

I once commented on a friend's status who was ASKING for experience from mom's who cloth diaper. I was rampaged by her family, most of which were child-less cousins, about how not to listen to me because that was just disgusting! Altho I knew their opinions didn't matter to me, I was insulted.

Thanks for understanding! I actually NEVER comment on other people's birth choices on Facebook. I know people who get inductions for convenience, people who get c-sections because they don't feel like pushing, you name it. I just stay out of it. I only commented because I assumed she wanted a natural birth because she wanted to wait until she reached her due date (which her anxiety about not going a day before her due date made me think maybe she wasn't totally educated about things, but clued me in that she wanted a natural childbirth, and I know she's been induced in the past for going past her due date). And then I saw all the comments about going for a walk, and running up a flight of stairs, ETC (personally, I think running up a flight of stairs is potentially more dangerous than EPO taken at 40 weeks..., because of the risk of falling, but that's JMO and I didn't say so!) Anyway, I NEVER would have mentioned the EPO thing if I realized their idea of natural labor was doing NOTHING to prepare your body and then expecting baby to come at exactly 40 weeks, not a day later and not a day sooner. If I had known that was their thinking, I would have kept my big trap shut. Lesson learned, though, and now I know a better way to offer information in the future.

And yeah, sometimes you offer an option (such as a diapering option) with NO judgment to other options, and then people still have to be judgmental toward the option you choose. Yeah, it can be insulting. I don't think expecting respect for the respect you give is too much to ask for! It's a shame to feel like you have to walk on eggshells while other people can spout off any ole nonsense they want.
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