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April 20th, 2013, 12:02 AM
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I would personally stay out of it. My mom was cleaning house for a well off family with 3 kids. Both parents had very good jobs and always busy. In fact too busy to disapline their children or even pay much attention to them. So instead the parents would always give in to what the kids wanted and buy them a ton of toys instead of parenting them. Well the kids where very rude and disrespectful and my mom said something one day to the mother and the mother got very mad at her and nearly cost my mom the job. Now I know you may think why work for someone like that... but at 2 days of work a week there earning almost $700 a week you put up that kind of thing. Maybe its not the optimum way to care for children and not how you would do it and that is fine to think that way but I would definatly not say anything.

If you feel like there is not enough food for the kids to eat while you are working there you could mention that you need more food and give some sugestions of what you think they would like or need. But as far as when your not around there is not much you can do about how they parent their children.

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