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April 20th, 2013, 07:33 AM
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I have been off the boards for a year but I am back and actively ttc again. DH and I have been ttc now for 4 years. Today I am currently 1dpiui and have some questions. I will give a quick run down of how iui went this month. I took femara cd3-7, went for mid cycle ultrasound on cd13 and had a 23 and 18 follicle, triggered at the office and went and had iui next morning (yesterday) Count was fairly low only 7.8 million post wash but doc said that was fine, dh and I did bd last night to help a little more. question is...every month I experience ovulation pain and bb's get sore right after, this month I didn't experience any of that until 5 am this morning and that is 20 hours after my iui. I am so worried that my egg wasn't there waiting for dh sperm and that by time my egg was there, they all died off. Has anyone ever experience ovulation the day after iui. Does it necessarily mean that I ovulate when I experience the pain? Any words of hope or encouragement would be great!
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