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April 20th, 2013, 09:06 AM
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So this was super interesting information that I came across that may only be a problem specific to our area, but wondered what you might think about it.

So where we are it is VERY uncommon for pregnant women to seek care in Canada. There are no nearby hospitals etc so Manitoba Health covers you to cross the border to the nearest USA hospital, and deliver there.

By birth these babies are now Dual Citizens. They technically are American because of where they are born, and Canadian because of their parent's citizenship. As a result I would say the MAJORITY of people in our area (a grand total of 1600 in our entier RM) are "Dualies".

Now say these babies grow up and stay in the area, and have babies, at the hospital closest to us. Based on the Canadian law, even if that baby only spends the first 24 hours of life in the US and never returns they would only have permanent resident status in Canada, and not citizenship! They would then have to enter the same process to gain citizenship as an immigrant coming from over seas.

We are the exception, because we are choosing to drive over an hour each way for prenatal care and for delivery, but it is not common in this area to do that. Our child will not have any American or Dual citizenship... making them the odd duck .

Just thought I'd share, because I found this to be very interesting.

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