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April 20th, 2013, 11:22 AM
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Who will for sure do team green? Who has done it with previous pregnancy?
Has anyone found out but kept it secret to the rest of the world? (How did. That go without slipping?)

I'm in such a debate this is our last addition... With the first 2 we had to find out just couldn't do it (and didn't bother trying team green)... This time especially since I have one of each I'd like to do something different... But hubby already refuses and says he really doesn't want team green.
Should I try to let him just know? But I have a feeling it may slip? .., we both find out but not tell anyone till baby is born (which seems so far a most likely option?) I know I'll try to guess with my 12 week scan I can't help it! Lol

Or if we do tell actually do the gender reveal root?

With Victoria my u/s was on my bday so at the restaurant with family and friends I played a game that ppl had to vote guess what I was having and just blurted out after that it was a girl...
With Hayden we just started calling ppl after the u/s that it was a boy!

Would just like something different and memorable this time and I don't think there is any convincing DH to do the full on team green.. And I'm totally gonna wanna guess! Haha
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