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April 20th, 2013, 03:45 PM
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Originally Posted by *Kiliki* View Post
okay ladies since we do have a few new ladies and a couple of the old members have come back...I thought we could do a get to know you thread

so everyone

what are your hobbies:
did you ever work outside the home:
do you like to read:
where do you live (you do not have to specify city if you do not want to):
do you plan on having anymore kids:
do you have any pets:

Pictures if you want to share them you do not have to:

everyone please answer and then add your own question for everyone to answer!!!

1. Hillarie
2. 40
3. Connor~9, Avery~6 1/2, Devinn~5
5. chatting online, mommy boards, bowling, singing, writing poems, hanging with my friends and boys.
6. Yes, I did customer service work as well as receptionist work.
7. Yes I just dont get the time like I would like cuz of the boys.
8. Utah
9. Nope, we were done after our last one.
10. Nope.

My Question for others: Favorite color

*My pics are in my siggy *

~My thanks to *Kiliki* for the siggy and Lucy S for the blinkies~
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