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April 20th, 2013, 08:09 PM
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Well I have been here for a couple years , left for a while and came back.
Name: Karen

Age: old (41)

Kids/Ages: DD --11.5, DS(1) -- 10, DS(2) -- 8, DS(3) -- 5.5

DH/SO/age: Mal (41)

what are your hobbies: cooking, gardening and volunteering
did you ever work outside the home: not since I had kids. I left my job the day my DD was due in July 2001 (she was a week late)

do you like to read: yes but no time

where do you live (you do not have to specify city if you do not want to): close to Canada's capital

do you plan on having anymore kids: we tried a couple years ago but ended up losing two babies early in the second trimester. Dr said it was my age and recommended that we not try again.

do you have any pets: 4 cats , 1 dog and 2 fish

Pictures if you want to share them you do not have to:

Favorite color: red or black

Favorite TV show: Chicago Fire (yummy)

My question:
What does your screen name mean?
(My answer: All 4 kids play hockey so we pretty much live in a rink).
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