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April 20th, 2013, 08:42 PM
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Okay ladies here they are. Any feedback gratefully received.

Sharon – Dragon Fae of Rebirth Whole Again
My impressions - Tuning in tomale and female energies, reuniting both halves of self, light and dark,tapping into the ancient wisdom, joining earth self and soul self to work asone.
The card says - This card is one of rebirth, do not fear the “bad” or “dark” thoughts andfeelings you are having they are indications from your soul self that it istime for a cycle of death and rebirth. Not a literally death but a death ofyour current self. The Dragons of rebirth are awaiting you in the underworld toguide you through this change. They will circle you and cleanse and clear yourenergy, surrounding you with theirs. “Donot fear you are about to be reborn. Take heart and know you will soon feelwhole again.”
These two dragons represent two very powerful strands of wisdomthat run through you – your spiritual wisdom (esoteric bloodline your pastlives) and physiological wisdom (ancestory). When this card is pulled it is asign that there is a fissure in your soul that has developed through your soulbeing separated from your “self”. Your inner knowledge is not being expressedexternally. This card asks you to explore your ancestory and discover what youcan learn from it. Make peace with your family and your past, reintegrateaspects of yourself that you have disowned. We have to walk in shadows andlight to be whole.
Nikki – Nimue – Seek the Counsel of Crystals
My impressions - The answerlies with the crystals, healing and peace will be found with them.
The card says - Nimue comesto take you to the next part of your journey but she will only work with you ifyou are fearless and committed. She is here to tell you that it is time to stopworrying about what others are thinking and saying and look to lessconventional ways of making a living. Her power is held in crystals, so you mayfind yourself drawn to one particular crystal, go with it. Learn about it anduse it’s energy.
Wear your crystals, make jewellery and use it as talismansfor yourself and as a way of expressing yourself. Nimue tells you that you canno longer afford to wait for others to free you from your chains, only you cando that and the time is NOW!!!

Terri – Drystan – Look beneath the surface
My impressions - Drystan looks like a jester and I feel heis here to tell you that someone is playing you for a fool, an older man maybe.He is not what he seems to be and you need to look deeper to see his real self.
The Card says – Drystan is the bad boy, the rouge, thephilander, the cheat but in his deceit he is always honest. He never pretendsto be anything other than what he is, you just wish and hope that you canchange him. He signifies a person or a situation where you keeping hanging on,hoping that it will change or that you are wrong because the words of theperson are not what their actions are telling you.
It’s not all bad though Drystan comes to help you learn andgrow, to show you the truth of the situation so that you never have to repeatit again. He asks you to use your judgement and place your needs and desiresfirst. Believe it when someone says they are not to be trusted whether it iswith words or actions or too many contradictions. Enjoy the show but don’t livethe act.

Leslie - Hideki’s Door – A knock on the door
My impressions – This card is all about opportunityknocking, opening the door to your fears and facing them to get to the treasurethat is behind them.
The card says – Hideki sees a spirit whose flame hasflickered low, whose light is in danger of going out if it does not take thenext step. For years you have passed this door and many times you have foundyourself here. You may have knocked at the door, only to flee like a terrifiedchild, befor the door was open to you. I say to you now it is time, reach out,knock at the door and what will be will be.
You are ready it is simply nerves that are holding you back,conditioned fears and internalised voices from the past. Reach out and take ahold of the handle and be ready for the wonder of the unknown that lies beyondthe door. Your perception of the world is about to change for the better. Bebrave and grab it with both hands. YOU ARE READY!
Get ready for wonderful new opportunities, yes tests andchallenges, but how wonderous and exciting your life is about to become.

Lady Lotus – The Blue Lady – Nothing is impossible
My impressions – Calm, serenity, peace and acceptance,growth, contemplation
The card says – Nothing is impossible, your dreams can cometrue, most of all you have a chance to truly become yourself. Don’t let thefear of others telling you that you can’t it’s too hard, it will never happensway you. They are speaking from their place of fear. Falls will come as wellresistance but breaking through to the other reality is your role in thislifetime, to carve a path for yourself and to light the way for others.
The Blue Lady is asking you to distinguish between advicethat comes from wisdom and advice that comes from fear and to understand thatyou are the being who must make the decision about your path; no matter howbound you may feel there is always a way to be truly free and that is by beingtrue to your own heart and talents and powers. She ask you to make a renewedcommitment to come from your talents and your gifts and your truth each andevery day.

Midnight Maiden – Brigid – We are one
My impressions – a need to acknowledge the older woman’sinfluence in your life and how it impacts on your ability to mother (my mothermyself), owing your feminine power and nurturing self. No longer hiding behindthe actions of others.
The card says – You need to find the common areas betweenyourself and another very different person and understand that aging is part ofthe human process. Understand the truthof the other and having compassion and respect for difference. Find that whichyou fear and know it within yourself and your own blood.

Layce – Apalala – You are a peaceful being
My impressions – peace, calm, serenity, balance, safety, asearch and yearning for them, release is the key to achieving them.
The card says – Practice arts of peace daily, be strong, befree, be blessed and be at peace. When you come into this place daily you andthose around you will benefit. Do not mistake peace for inaction, being apeaceful activist is one of the most powerful and dynamic choices you can make.When all around you is in drama, go to that place within yourself and know thatthe truth of your being is peace.
Apalala asks you to stop putting your energy into fightingand instead create peaceful moments wherever possible. Know that yourconversations about peace are bringing about change. People have told you thatpeaceful ways mean lack of strength this is not so. Choose to be stronger andmore peaceful and watch harmony grow within your life.
Hippy Witchy Chic - The Dawn Watcher - Bells will ring
My impressions - This card is powerful,a protector, guide and leader, bringing forth the dawn and change.
The card says - Spiritual awakening is happening.Forewarnings and premonitions are coming through now pay attention. Propheticdreams especially those in the early hours of the morning are important pay attention.Watch for messages from the animal kingdown and look for images of the dragonfae, in art, in movies, in books they are with you now.
The Dawn Watcher is your guardian, he is watchingover you ringing his bells to warn you of any dangers ahead. Do not be afraidfor he will not let anything happen to you. Focus on your mission and worktowards it, do not let anyone distract you.
Mountain Mamma - Lady of the New Buds - Nuture Tenderness
My impressions - new beginners, nuturing that whichis starting to grow, be gentle, be kind to yourself, look for the beauty in theworld around you, find your peace in nature.
The card says - Projects need tending. Care for thesmall things each day and the large things will take care of themselves.Resisting change is resisting life itself. Hanging on to who you think you needto be is denying your own life force. Divine guidance needs practicalapplication and works. Beauty is a result of love and care. Love and care foryourself and let your beauty shine.
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