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April 20th, 2013, 08:42 PM
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Hi everyone! My name is Julie. I am 30 and I have two children - Kelly 3, Lyla 2. I've had numerous miscarriages since I had Lyla, and then couldn't get pregnant for nearly a year. I've been seeing a reproductive endocrinologist for over a year now. I did 3 cycles on Clomid and 2 on Femara, none with any success. I just did my first cycle of injectable meds - Follistim and Ovidrel - and it appears to have been a success! I tested out the trigger shot, and then a few days later started getting true positives. I have a beta test on Monday afternoon, but my tests are getting darker by the hour so I think that should be nothing but good news. My EDD is December 31 --- New Year's Eve!! Since I took the injectables, I have a much higher chance of twins...and I am very anxious for my first ultrasound. I don't know when that will be yet....I am hoping by 6w along.

I am looking forward to meeting everyone here, and hopefully will be sticking around for long time.

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