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April 20th, 2013, 08:51 PM
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Name: Jessi
Age: 27
Kids/Ages: Mercedes , 8
DH/SO/age: Ryan , 28
what are your hobbies: my dogs, house projects , crafty stuff when I have time
did you ever work outside the home: I used to work in retail, but I've been a sahm since DD was born.
do you like to read: yes
where do you live (you do not have to specify city if you do not want to): northeast PA
do you plan on having anymore kids: I think I am done.
do you have any pets: 4 dogs (2 chihuauas , 2 German shepard/Beagle mixes) 2 beta fish and a 55 gallon fish tank with about a dozen fish in it.
Favorite Color: pink
Favorite Tv Show: I don't watch much tv. Currently have been watching dancing with the stars and glee.
What does your screen name mean? DD'S nickname is widgie bc MIL called her a widget when she was a baby since she always seemed to be moving.
Mine Can you play a musical instrument? No
My question... Eye color? Mine are green.

SAHM to Mercedes (4/8/05)
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