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April 21st, 2013, 06:09 AM
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How far away you are from a hospital is scary to me! Then again 20 min seem to far away for me when I was in labour and trying to get there.

I actually knew about the the dual citizen thing and it actually makes sense to me. If the parents are both full Canadian and child is born in US then child is dual, but if the parents are dual and the child is born in the US then the child is American not dual, if the parents are dual and the child is born in Canada the child would be Canadian not dual. When you have dual parents the citizenship of the child sides where they are born, not what the parents are. It comes down to being a 75/25 thing instead of a 50/50 thing and citizenship goes to the majority.

It helps that my BIL and SIL went through figuring this out before having their kids. It was slightly different situation, but they found out all the laws while they were at it.

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