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April 21st, 2013, 06:58 AM
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Thank you very much. I seem to be getting this same message in several different readings. Take care of and love myself. To let go and let things be. This is all very fitting to my life right now. Thanks again, this was quite accurate for me.

Mountain Mamma - Lady of the New Buds - Nuture Tenderness
My impressions - new beginners, nuturing that whichis starting to grow, be gentle, be kind to yourself, look for the beauty in theworld around you, find your peace in nature.
The card says - Projects need tending. Care for thesmall things each day and the large things will take care of themselves.Resisting change is resisting life itself. Hanging on to who you think you needto be is denying your own life force. Divine guidance needs practicalapplication and works. Beauty is a result of love and care. Love and care foryourself and let your beauty shine.
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