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April 21st, 2013, 06:59 AM
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I think hubby and I will most likely do semi-green.. Either just him or both of us find out the gender.. But will not reveal it till the baby is born. And probably won't tell ppl either that we know what it is so that its less likely they bug it out of us! Lol...

Hubby's argument to find out mainly is he'd like to do the room before the baby is born (and we're both not into making a gender neutral room) ... Although I usually do the designing and decorating of the rooms hubby does the painting and putting all the shelves, molding or whatever on the wall for me. I get this and also I love painting wooden letters of the name and I know it'll be more of pain after this kiddo is already born...

I was thinking hy maybe since gender reveal.. But at least this way ppl won't think we know the sex so they won't bug is as much this we would "reveal" and I wouldn't want it to slip..

Hubby seems happy to just not say till baby is born but he wants to know.. So I think we're now in agreement! Semi-green it is!

So exciting!!!
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