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April 21st, 2013, 08:34 AM
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Yeah, I guess the problem that they were running into before changing the law was that you'd find 3rd or 4th generation 'Canadians' who's parents, and parent's parents had never stepped foot on Canadian soil!... this way there is some control over who is granted citizenship. It prevents our Gov. from being taken advantage of... however it could potentially screw over a lot of people living in our area!

Regarding the hospital, The way I look at it, living in the city we were potentially 45min. from either hospital with maternity services if traffic was at peak time anyways, so whats an extra 15... especially this being my first I'm looking forward to an extra long labour. Also I feel that my level of care has been greatly increased because of where we live. I get to see a midwife (which are incredibly hard to get) because I fall under the category of "socially isolated" and the hospital itself is very 'natural friendly' as the large population in that area are on their 10-12th baby and don't believe in much regarding medical care.

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