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April 21st, 2013, 09:26 AM
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"Layce – Apalala – You are a peaceful being
My impressions – peace, calm, serenity, balance, safety, asearch and yearning for them, release is the key to achieving them.
The card says – Practice arts of peace daily, be strong, befree, be blessed and be at peace. When you come into this place daily you andthose around you will benefit. Do not mistake peace for inaction, being apeaceful activist is one of the most powerful and dynamic choices you can make.When all around you is in drama, go to that place within yourself and know thatthe truth of your being is peace.
Apalala asks you to stop putting your energy into fightingand instead create peaceful moments wherever possible. Know that yourconversations about peace are bringing about change. People have told you thatpeaceful ways mean lack of strength this is not so. Choose to be stronger andmore peaceful and watch harmony grow within your life."

Thank you so much...I know I am a calming influence during times of stress, and try to find common ground for everyone, but sometimes it can be mistaken for not caring or feeling empathy...and it is interesting because I found a quote today that I was very drawn to about going to my inner calm when all around me is double reinforcement! Thank you again for this...

A very special THANK YOU to Bokkechick for my gorgeous new siggy!

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