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April 21st, 2013, 09:52 AM
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I get A LoT of resistance dh says he is going to throw them away and he is using disposibles...which will not happen. Bc if he throws them in the trash I will start throwing his deer/fish mounts and hunting stuff in will be WAR! My close friends think it makes sense and MIL seems supportive she even has asked me how to wash ect so she can help and my mom is making me some diapers However most people are like yuck! And 2 girls from my office gave me a baby shower and 1 of them even though she knew I am dead set on cd still insisted on making it a diaper party until my other friend stepped in. A bunch of ladies at work make comments all the time like oh my gosh you are gping to clean the poop? And other snarky things but I don't care they aren't paying my bills!

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