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April 21st, 2013, 12:58 PM
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Not much to talk about here. I am guessing I have about 2.5 weeks, based on previous babies...and what the midwives say. Although I am not putting all my eggs in that basket I have some BHs this time around, which I hope will mean a slightly shorter labor! My others I never had any and they were/would have been long labors. Baby looks good, passing NSTs with flying colors, measuring right on track. I am hoping I am GBS neg at my appt this week. It's my last "hurdle" before the thoughts of induction (blah). BUT, baby is NOT permitted to come before April 30th (I doubt she would), my folks are in Hawaii and I already feel badly that my mom will be worrying about her coming the whole time. She doesn't want to miss it (and I need her there!) So I hope we aren't looking at a similar gestation as my older boy (36w). We can do the 37w one of my younger son though
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