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April 21st, 2013, 01:56 PM
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Originally Posted by kaydee78 View Post
Leslie - Hideki’s Door – A knock on the door
My impressions – This card is all about opportunity knocking, opening the door to your fears and facing them to get to the treasure that is behind them.
The card says – Hideki sees a spirit whose flame hasflickered low, whose light is in danger of going out if it does not take the next step. For years you have passed this door and many times you have found yourself here. You may have knocked at the door, only to flee like a terrifiedchild, befor the door was open to you. I say to you now it is time, reach out,knock at the door and what will be will be.
You are ready it is simply nerves that are holding you back,conditioned fears and internalised voices from the past. Reach out and take a hold of the handle and be ready for the wonder of the unknown that lies beyond the door. Your perception of the world is about to change for the better. Bebrave and grab it with both hands. YOU ARE READY!
Get ready for wonderful new opportunities, yes tests and challenges, but how wonderous and exciting your life is about to become.

The unknown always makes me nervous. I have registered for college to get my Bachelors. I am waiting to hear back from financial aide and such to see what my next steps are.

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