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April 21st, 2013, 05:46 PM
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So - there are crib mattresses at $39 with great reviews on amazon that also get terrible reviews (your baby will die of SIDS!!!). The only ones that don't get any negative reviews are over $150.

How much are you spending/have you spent on the crib mattress? Are there any that you've tried that you WOULDN'T recommend?

My mom told me as long as it's firm, it's fine, and my brother and I had the regular ol' crib mattresses from Sears or wherever and they were just fine, and not too pricey. FWIW, when shopping for our new mattress last year, I picked out the nicest Simmons Beautyrest I could find on overstock in my price range and it was about $800.

A 10 lb baby is what, a 13th of my size? So a 13th of my mattress is $60 ish?
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